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Marquess of Grouchy


"Marquess of Grouchy"

Marquis de Grouchy
Emmanuel, marquess of Grouchy (born in Paris, on October 23rd, 1768, died in Saint-Etienne in May 29th, 1847), marshal of Empire, count of the Empire, Big Eagle of the Legion of Honour, the peer of France.
He was in charge of the high command 7th, 8th, 98 and 10th military divisions.
He contributes to the victory of the battle of Ligny June 16th, but, loaded by Napoleon to pursue the Prussians, he executes this order blindly in spite of the pleas of his assistant, future marshal Gérard, and understands only too late his mistake5 not to have been present in Waterloo6. In the days of 17 and of June 18th takes place a series of facts among which many made against marshal Grouchy the object of a grave charge. He would have let escape the body of Blücher, fort of 40 000 men, of which he did not have to lose sight. The part made for it fatal misunderstanding which deprived Napoleon of his right and changed the victory in crushing defeat, the marshal arrived at Wavre in the evening, about when Blûcher arrived to Waterloo. To Wavre, he attacked the Prussian body which occupied this city and beat it. Attacked in his turn the next day by more considerable strengths, he pushed away of such kind the enemy as he prepared to walk on Brussels, when he received the message of the Emperor. The marshal withdrew on Namur, executing his pension through all the English-Prussian army and arrived to Reims, without having made any loss. It was there that he learnt that last time, the Emperor had just abdicated in favour of king of Rome. He made to his soldiers a proclamation in which he undertook them to defend, under the orders of the new leader of the Empire, the interests of the homeland and the freedom. She was not thus dismissed in England during the death of her owner as a legend would want it. The family of the marquess of Anglesey offered in the 1950s a prosthesis of his grandfather to the Museum Wellington of Waterloo which had just been created. From there was born another legend, even more absurd than the first, which wants that the family exchanged this prosthesis for the rests of the leg of the 1st marquess of Anglesey.


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