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Prince of Orange

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"Prince of Orange"

Prince d’Orange
Guillaume II (Willem van Oranje-Nassau or Guillaume d' Orange-Nassau) (The Hague, in December 6th, 1792 - Tilburg, in March 17th, 1849).
He was a prince of Orange, a king of the Netherlands, a duke of Limbourg and grand duke of the Luxembourg from 1840 till 1849.
In 1815, he takes the command of the Dutch army to fight Napoleon Ier during Hundred Days. He takes part beside the members of the coalition in the battles of Four Arms and Waterloo where he is hurt. The mound of the lion in Waterloo will be set up by the Dutch people in the place where was hurt the crown prince.
Later, he was severely criticized, by the English-speaking historians, for his role during this campaign of Belgium in 1815.
Indeed, within first hours of the morning of June 15th, the prince of Orange leaving his headquarters of Braine-le-Comte goes to Saint-Symphorien, remote from 24 kilometers, to see the general van Merlen and inquire the last reports of outposts situated beyond the Hatred.
Now, at this moment, the French people already entered Belgium and are even battling against the Prussian outposts on the right bank of Sambre...


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