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Marshal Ney

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"Marshal Ney"

Le Maréchal Ney
Michel Ney, duke of Elchingen, prince of the Moskowa, marshal of Empire, born on January 10th 1769 in Sarrelouis in Lorraine, (department of the Moselle in 1790 today in Germany, Sarre Land) and died on December 7th 1815 in Paris, square of Observatory.
Ney was in charge of to stop Napoleon on the return to Elba, on March 5th 1815.
He joined finally the Emperor, on March 12th 1815.
He was inspector of the borders of the North, from Lille to Landau, in the end of March 1815.
Peer of France, on June 2nd 1815.
Napoleon called Marshal Ney to command the 1st and 2nd army corps in the campaign of Belgium. He stops any function on June 23rd 1815.
December 6th 1815 he was captured and sentenced to death by the court of the peers.
Shot on December 7th 1815.
Marshal Ney was nicknamed by Napoleon Ier “the nice of the nice”


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