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The first building on the site where currently Hotel 1815 is located dates 1823, the same year of the building of the Lion, and was used as a inn for the workers employed on the construction site.

In 1826 the building was bought by Guillaume Ernaelsteen and his wife Mrs Anne Paquot.

In 1903 the original building was destroyed and the owners, Rosine and Jean Baptiste, built the Grand Musée du Chemin Creux next to their daughter's house. The Museum presented a collection of several authentic objects of the historical battle, either found on the site of the battle after the diggings or purchased at a later stage.

In 1952, their daughter Marie-Marguerite Charlier, the only heiress, wife of Richard Marquet, decides to join the two buildings creating a larger structure that becomes the 1815. Next to the main structure they added a minigolf course, quite in fashion in the '50s. Look the official document

Since 1976, following the administrative merging of the two municipalities, 1815 is no longer in the territory of Brane-l'Alleud but in Waterloo.



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